The Life of William A. Toplis

"In the nineteenth century, way ahead of his time, Helier de Carteret had created the perfect democracy in Sark under the guise of a feudal state...

"By the end of the nineteenth century, Sark, still ahead of the times, had degenerated into the first of Europe's fascist dictatorships under the control of one extended family, which was under the control of one man."

This book is the true story of one man's fight against the corrupt and unjust authorities in control of Sark at the turn of the century.

W.A. Toplis, with fifteen paintings of the island accepted for display by the Royal Academy, was probably the island's most successful artist. He came to Sark for a holiday in 1883 and remained until his death in 1942 during the German occupation.


The biography of Wm. A. Toplis
written by P. A. Toplis
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